Babysitting: Twins (newborn to age 7) and older sibling

We met Nick a year ago, just before our twins were born as we needed to find someone with twin experience to help out occasionally and babysit in the evenings.  Over the years I had heard of Nick and I’d seen him in the area childminding for other families.  Nick was my first choice because his reputation was excellent, nobody could fault him.

When we began looking for a babysitter my main concern was making sure my 4 year old was happy.  I returned to work after having my son when he was 6 months old, so he spent the best part of every week at a nursery and as a result 4 years on I knew he was feeling uncomfortable about being ‘left’ again.  However, from the moment my 4 year old met Nick I knew we had found the right person.  In fact my son even asks if Nick can come round for the afternoon just to play!

Nick is friendly, reliable and completely trustworthy.  He really does make looking after our twins seem so easy!  When we go out for the evening I really do feel that I can relax.  I would not hesitate to recommend Nick as a babysitter.

[Written in 2010. I still babysit for this family, the twins are now nearly 8 years old]

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