Term Time Only Nannies – How much holiday?

Nannies are like other employees in the UK, they are entitled to a minimum of 5.6 weeks statutory holiday.

Information from Directgov on Holiday Entitlements

However guidance from Government with regard to term-time workers has been removed from the Directgov website, as it is under review.   This leaves parents who are considering employing a nanny to only work during school term-time with no guidance as to how to calculate their nannies holiday entitlement.

Guidance for Casual Workers however  still exists and it can be used to calculate the holiday for a term-time worker.  The holiday is calculated on an accrual basis, that means that for every hour worked a small proportion of holiday is earned.

5.6 weeks’ holiday, divided by 46.4 weeks (being 52 weeks – 5.6 weeks) multiplied by 100 = 12.07%

Whilst on holiday you don’t accrue holiday, so the calculation excludes  5.6 weeks, so holiday is accrued on the remaining 46.4 weeks.

Perhaps an example would help.    Lets say a nanny works 10 hours a day, 5 days a week thus 50 hours a week and works 36 weeks a year.

36 weeks x 50 hours = 1800 hours

1800 hours x 12.07% = 217.3 hours

217.3 hours / 10 = 21.73 days

This could then be rounded up to give 22 days holiday.    You are permitted to round holiday up but you cannot round it down.

How long Term-Time is can vary between schools, so you would need to calculate the holiday based on how many weeks the nanny would be working.  School term time could well be 38, 39 weeks.  So if you are a nanny considering a term-time only job, or a parent seeking to employ a nanny for term-time only, then you need to establish how many weeks of work will be involved.

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