Nanny Salaries Increase Away From London

Today (Monday 23 January 2012) the nanny salary survey was published in Nursery World magazine.  The survey is collated by Nannytax, a nanny payroll company which this year asked nanny agencies and nanny employers to complete an online survey – meaning that anyone could complete it.  In previous years it has been collated from participating clients and nanny agencies.

In 2010 the survey was completed by 80 nanny agencies and 485 Nannytax clients.  In 2011 the survey was completed by 95 nanny agencies and 1244 nanny employers.

The biggest increase in salary I notice from the wages table is that of nannies who do not work in London or the Home Counties.  Those nannies who work as a live-out nanny, outside of the south east saw a rise of £1542 in their gross annual salary.   In comparison live-out nannies in the home counties (including outer London) saw a drop in gross annual salary of £296  Central London nannies saw a small increase, £389 which is small in comparison to the increase experienced by nannies not in the home counties.

Home Counties: Bedfordshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Essex, Hampshire, Hertfordshire, Kent, Surrey, Sussex.  May include parts of Cambridgeshire, Oxfordshire and Dorset.     It is unknown what definition of Home Counties was used in compiling the survey.

Is this a sign that nannies salaries are beginning to even out across the UK, or is it just a result of the survey being completed by different people this year?    Personally I feel that’s hard to know for sure, though the change from 485 clients, to 1244 nanny employers could be of significance.


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