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SnoozeShade Infant Car Seat Blackout Blind

SnoozeShade Infant Car Seat Blackout Blind
SnoozeShade Infant Car Seat Blackout Blind

I have had a SnoozeShade for the buggy for a while now which is great as a sleep aid whilst we are out and about.  The car seat version of SnoozeShade is so much better than the shade that came with the car seat, in that it covers the head and also right down to the feet. This means it blocks out a lot of the light and reflections from the car windows and also must help reduce noise level a little as well.

The baby I care for will often have a nap when we are on a car journey and now that I am using the SnoozeShare I feel she is drifting to sleep quicker than she did before, thus has rested more during the journey.

Babies view from inside SnoozeShade Car Seat blind
Babies view – Breathable material lets air circulate whilst keeping the light level low

I have yet to master how to get baby out of the seat with the shade half attached. I guess you are supposed to take the cover off completely. I fear losing the shade if I remove it completely, so keep the Velcro attached.

It is a universal shade so how well it fits your babies car seat will vary but to me it looks like it should fit many of the rear facing with carry handle type baby seats well.

I am looking forward to using it a lot over the Summer as baby will be coming on many outings with her older siblings, many involving car journeys at times when she will have her nap.

For more information about SnoozeShade have a chat with Cara and her team on Twitter – @SnoozeShade (or @SnoozeShadeUSA if you are in the United States) and visit the SnoozeShade website.