London Nanny Rates

Nannies in London seem to me to be able to earn more than nannies outside of London, even those who nanny 20 miles outside of London.

Nanny agency The Nanny Tree (follow them on Twitter) recently posted some details of the salaries of nannies they recently placed in nanny positions in Greater London (inside the M25).

  1. Richmond – 50hrs – 5yrs nursery exp, 18mths as a nanny, 1st aid & CRB, willing to become Ofsted registered
    £13.50 Gross
    (cost to employer 2012/13: £39,022  Nanny take home (810L) £2205 per month)
  2. Wimbledon – 40hrs – 3yrs nanny exp – 1st aid & CRB, Ofsted registered
    £12.05 Gross
    (cost to employer 2012/13: £27,570 Nanny take home (810L) £1635 per month)
  3. Croydon –  40hrs – 5yrs nanny exp – 1st aid & CRB, Ofsted registered
    £13 Gross
    (cost to employer 2012/13: £29,825 Nanny take home (810L) £1747 per month)

Richmond is in Surrey.  I also nanny in Surrey, so would you expect that I was on a similar salary?    Well I can tell you that as I nanny just outside the M25, my salary (when calculated hourly) is around 20% lower.   As the bird flies, Richmond is about 11.4 miles away from where I nanny.

Why the difference – it is impossible probably to know.   No two nanny jobs are ever probably exactly the same.  Parents have different incomes and have higher or lower expenditure.  A nannies salary is something that parents decide and then offer the job at the salary they have determined.  Nannies either apply for it, or they don’t.

There are bound to be nanny jobs in other parts of London which are paid higher and lower.  If you are thinking of working as a nanny in London, don’t expect that all jobs will pay this sort of salary… some won’t.  If you are a parent in London considering employing a nanny, then calculate what YOU can afford to pay and feel is right to pay for the job on offer.

Do I want to be paid more… well, not if it means moving to Richmond.  I would far prefer to live in the place I live and work in the place I work.  Richmond may well be nice, it may well be less busy than central London but from my past visits to that area I would say it is more busy than where I live and more heavily populated.

Nannies may compare salaries but the salary isn’t the only thing that makes a job a good job – the relationship with employers (parents) and the children is also an important factor.  People change jobs for various reasons, salary may be a reason but it isn’t always the reason.

So whilst the pastures may be greener elsewhere, I for one am perfectly happy where I am, even if that means I am not being as highly paid as other nannies in other parts of Surrey.

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One comment on “London Nanny Rates

  1. Interesting post Nick. I am a nanny in Surrey as well, working 60h a week looking after one baby. It’s live in and I get £485 gross a week, which works out at £375 net a week. I have five years experience, first aid and I am in the process of getting OFSTED registered. I was placed by a top end London Nanny agency and I speak German fluently which I have to speak to my little one. I hope that helps and yes, my employers are lovely and I love looking after my charge. Nadine