ANA Says Best To Quote Gross Rather Than Net

In today’s webchat on Netmums the Angela Spencer, Chair – Association of Nanny Agencies, said

Best to quote Gross rather than net, we are trying to convert nannies to speak this way.

Further into the webchat, ANA’s position regarding Gross v Net pay was clarified a bit:

All Agencies would prefer to quote gross rather than net, we need to convert the nannies. It goes back to the olden days when servents were paid cash in hand and it has never changed. It has been an area that ANA is looking into. It is always best to quote the job as a gross figure and make sure there contract is in gross too.

The Association for Professional Nannies responded to the ANA asking them to support the “ lets talk gross ££” campaign:

BAPN ( British Association of Professional Nannies) is going to launch a campaign called..Nannies “ lets talk gross ££”, encouraging all agencies and nannies to discuss salary in gross terms. As we believe this is one of the key aspects that will help raise the professional status of nannies.
We do hope that ANA will show their full support and we can work together on this.

ANA did not reply to this.

I asked for further clarification, alas my message was posted after the 1pm cut-off time, though I do hope that ANA will come back and answer the question at a later date:

I said:

So is ANA going to tell all member agencies that they must not talk to nannies or parents about Net wages? Will all ANA member agencies remove Net wage figures from their websites and adverts?

So whilst ANA did say that they were trying to convert nannies, they didn’t acknowledge that it is perhaps the agencies who need the converting.   From my chats with nannies on Mumsnet, NetMums and NannyJob message boards, it seems that most nannies want Gross pay and that it is agencies that talk about Net pay.

So is it the agencies or the nannies that need educating?  

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If agencies wanted to support Gross pay… why do they keep on advertising jobs as Net?



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